Set Parental Controls In Windows 7

Parental Controls is a good tool for controlling the amount of time your children spend on the computer and the programs they’re using. Here I will tell you how to setup and use parental controls in Windows 7.

Step 1: Access Parental Controls

To access parental controls, open the Start Menu and type parental controls into the Search box and hit Enter. Or you can open up Control Panel and click on parental controls. When you open parental controls, click the user account you want to restrict. Make sure to password protect your administrator account, or anyone can just turn off Parental Controls and use the computer with no restrictions.

Step 2: Put In Your Restrictions

Under parental controls, mark the button next to On, enforce current settings. The you can go and restrict the user’s computer time, games, and programs.

Set Time Limits: Fill in the blue blocks in the chart when you want to block certain times of the day from the user using the computer. Leave the box blank if you want to allow that certain time of day for the user to use the computer.

Control Games: Set the ratings of which games your child can play. Read the descriptions under the ratings for more information about the ratings. There are multiple options on how you can restrict what games your child can play.

Control Programs: Set a check mark next to which programs the user can use. Any unchecked programs the user will not have access to use.


How to Rip DVDs

Do you have a lot of DVDs? Do you want to watch them on your computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV? A free program, Handbrake, can rip DVDs into digital files on your computer.

Note: Please do not rip copyrighted DVDs, as that is illegal.

Step 1: Install Handbrake and Load the DVD

Download Handbrake from, and install it. Now you should insert the DVD. Handbrake can only convert standard video DVD’s that you would normally play in a DVD player. Select the DVD you’ve inserted into your computer and press the “Open” button.

Step 2: Select the Source

After Handbrake loads your DVD, in the upper left-hand corner you will find the title drop-down menu. You will need to select the right title. Unfortunately you will only see track numbers and lengths here, so it will take a bit of guessing to find the right one. However there is a trick: The right track will be the length of the running time of the movie, so be sure you know how long the movie is. If you don’t, most of the time it will be the longest of all the tracks listed. (If you really don’t know which track the right one is, you can click on the “Picture Settings”button (bottom right of the Handbrake window) and manually step through several frames of the title to see what you’re ripping looks like. Once you find the right track you want, select it. Also at this time you can modify the other settings for your movie in Handbrake to your liking.

Step 3: Choose Your Video and Audio Settings

Now you need to decide how high or low you want the quality of your video to be. In the video panel, you can drag the Constant Quality slider from left to right to adjust the quality. (Right is higher, left is lower.) Alternatively you can set an average bit rate or use a Handbrake preset for a specific device. After you set your video settings, you can move on to audio settings. Most of the time you do not need to change anything here, but here you can set several settings, such as the audio language of your ripped content.

Step 4: Start the Rip!

Now that all of your settings are set up, you can start the rip! If you are only ripping one file, press the “Start” button on the top. If you are ripping more than one video file, click the Add to Queue button (also at the top) and repeat this process for the additional content. Once you’ve got it all in your queue, go ahead and press the Start button. After the rip, you can open up the DVD in the media player of your choice and watch it on your computer. That’s it! Happy ripping!



Use Malwarebytes to Remove Viruses and Malware from your Computer for Free!

It happens to the best of us, suddenly your computer is very slow, and you think you might have a computer virus. Don’t take it to the tech guy to be fixed for an outrageous fee, instead I will tell you how to remove the virus yourself for free!

Step 1: Restart the Computer

First if you can’t restart the computer by the start menu, quickly press the power button on the computer to shut down and press the power button again to turn on the computer. Then Boot into Safe Mode. This is achieved by quickly pressing F8 BEFORE the Windows Loading screen shows up when you first turn on the computer. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to “Safe Mode with Networking” and press enter to boot.

Step 2: Login to Windows Safe Mode

You will now see a black screen with scrolling text. This is normal. Soon the Windows logon screen will show up. Do not be alarmed, the graphic change is normal. Then click the Administrator account, or you can click another account but make sure it is an Administrator Account.

Step 3: Safe Mode

After you login, you will see a black desktop screen. A popup will say some stuff but it basically means, “Do you want to continue in safe mode?” Click yes. Soon icons on the desktop will start loading, and you are successfully logged into safe mode!

Step 4: Downloading Malwarebytes

Now, if you have internet access you should be able to open up your web browser. If you do not have an internet connection, you can do this on a computer that does and transfer the files on a usb flash drive. Go to Google or other Search Engine and type “Malwarebytes”. Or just go here: Click to download the free version.

Step 5: Installing Malwarebytes

Now you should have the file downloaded on your computer. Click on it to start installing. The Installation Wizard is very straightforward, and you should finish the installation quickly. Now open Malwarebytes, and if you have an internet connection, update the database. The update is very fast and allows you to have the latest definitions. Go to the first tab, select “Full Scan” and click start scan. A box will pop up showing which drives to scan, the C drive should already be selected. Click to proceed with the scan.

Step 6: Waiting

Now you just wait for the scan to be over. On my computer full scans usually take 1 hour, if you have a lot of files the scan will take longer. When the scan is over a box will pop up saying the scan is done. Click on “Show Results” on the bottom right hand corner. A txt log file will pop up showing details of the scan. Exit it for now, and now you should see a window with all the threats in red. Click “Delete All”. Malwarebytes will delete and quarantine the threats and prompt for reboot. Do so.

The virus (or viruses) should now be gone from your computer! As a bonus, go into safe mode and login to the “Administrator” account (Or whatever account you used to scan). Malwarebytes will quarantine some threats which can be deleted from the “Quarantine” tab. Please note this is a general guide. Some special malware has to be removed using specific tools. Thanks for reading!

Customize the Windows 7 Logon Screen

Tired of the same old Windows 7 logon screen? Want to change it up to something more lively? The free Windows 7 Logon Background Changer can do just that. It is free, open source, and can switch up your Windows 7 logon screen with just a couple of clicks. Here is how to use it.

How to Use the Windows 7 Logon Background Changer

First download the Windows 7 Logon Background Changer from Unzip the files, and run it. After you launch the Windows 7 Logon Background Changer, you can select and choose a different Windows 7 logon screen from the pictures. If you want to use a custom image, click “Choose a Folder” to add your own folder of images. After choosing your desired picture, click the Apply button to apply the picture to the logon screen. Click Yes on the authorization screen that pops up, and Click Yes to User Account Control if it comes up. Windows 7 Logon Background Changer will then proceed to change your logon screen background, and there you go!

Final Words

Now you can log off and check out your new Windows 7 login screen background! Clicking “Settings” in Windows 7 Logon Background Changer will show you a couple of extra options. The most notable is “Prevent other users from changing the background”. If there are multiple users of your computer, enabling this option will make sure that the logon screen background isn’t accidentally changed.

How to Download Torrents

A torrent stores data to be used by the protocol BitTorrent. It is a way how you can download large files without using too much of the host’s system resources. Rather than the data being transferred from one machine to the next, the various pieces of the file are held on many different computers. The torrent client communicates with other computers to see what pieces they have and exchanges pieces with other computers to eventually combine the various pieces into the whole, requested file. However, torrents require a special way how to download them, rather than just clicking the “Download” button in your browser.

Step 1: Install a Torrent Client and Find your Torrent File

Find a torrent program that suits your torrent needs, the most common clients are µTorrentDelugeVuzeBitTorrent. There are plenty of other clients available as well, so do your reasearch and download/install one. Now you need to find your torrent file. Be sure to check how many Seeders there are. (Seeders are people who have a complete copy of the torrent’s files and are only uploading (sending) data to the people who are downloading (receiving). The more the faster you will download your file.) Download the .torrent file. You can then close your web browser.

Step 2: Start the Download

Now you need to open your torrent client. Look for an option to Add a torrent file to start downloading it. If you do not know where you can add the torrent file, refer to your selected torrent client’s documentation or help guide. After you add the torrent file, the download will start immediately. A lot of torrent clients will use a lot of system resources, so please do not be doing anything that takes high system resources. When the torrent file is done downloading completely, it will notify you. Just close the torrent client and enjoy your new files!

Extra Information

  • Many torrents are illegal and violate copyright laws. Be careful of what you download. I do not condone piracy.
  • Keep your virus protection program up to date. You never know if the torrent contains a virus.
  • Be sure to know what your ISP says about torrenting. Many ISPs limit your Bittorrent traffic, causing slow downloads or even stopping them altogether! Also be sure to watch your ISP quota system (If they have one.) By torrenting you can exceed your ISP quota unintentionally.

Make Some Extra Money From Your Phone with Gigwalk

Earn some extra money with your phone by going out and about and completing simple jobs with your phone and Gigwalk. Tasks like verifying map information and taking photos (in major US metro areas) can net you from $3 to $90 per task.

Why Are They Looking For This Information?

Some companies like Motorola and TomTom need people on the street to help verify information and do some consumer research. With some extra time and a car, being a Gigwalker and doing simple tasks can earn you some extra cash or even become a regular part-time freelance job. (Although you would have to do a lot of jobs.)

Estimated Earnings

Doing simple odd jobs on the street will get you money from $3 to $90 per task. However, All Things Digital reports that one of the highest Gigwalk earners made more than $2000 ($400 a week on average) doing more than 270 tasks since March. To get to that income, you need to earn “streetcred”- points awarded for good work that may give you higher paying jobs.

What Do They Want Me To Do?

Jobs include verifying roads and signs, mapping a location, taking local business photos or gathering local pricing information, doing some secret shopping, and more. For big companies, this information is very costly for them to obtain but very easy for you to obtain.

Start Earning Money!

For Gigwalkers, all you need is an phone and a way how to get out of the house. Now please note that you have to factor in the cost of transportation, such as the cost of gasoline. You don’t want to drive all across the city just to collect 3 dollars for a task. Gigwalk won’t get you rich, but it is worth a try for those who want extra money and have extra time.


How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file? What you may not know is that you can usually recover those files. Windows has a Recycle Bin to prevent accidentally deleted things from being gone forever, but even if you deleted it from the Recycle Bin you can still recover the files. Here is how.

Step 1: Install Recuva

Download and install Recuva from here. Make sure when you are installing it, don’t accidentally install any adware or bloatware. You can choose to install either the free version, or the paid version if you need more features.

Step 2: Launch The Recuva Wizard

Now that you are done installing Recuva, launch the Recuva wizard to start the process of recovering those accidentally deleted files. The first step in the wizard will let you tell Recuva to only search for a specific type of file. Be sure to select the type of file that you want to recover. Next you will need to specify where the file was. After you do that, the next page will ask you if you want to do a Deep Scan. In most cases you will not need to select this option, however if the Quick Scan doesn’t find your files you can go back and select this option.

Step 3: Recover Your Files!

After the wizard finds your files, Recuva will display your files. Simply select which files you wish to recover, and press the Recover button. Optionally you can right-click on any file, and choose to recover it from the menu.

Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones

Many of us listen to music or audio through a pair of headphones. However, if you are looking for a more high quality pair of headphones to enjoy your music rather than the usual iPod earbuds, read this guide to find out the perfect pair of headphones for you. Headphones come in all different shapes and sizes, so I will be discussing the pros and cons of various styles of headphones.


Earbuds are the tiny earpieces that are put inside your ears. These are the most common type of headphones, as cheaper earbuds usually come with music players.


  • Very portable and easy to store.
  • More comfortable than other headphones if you wear glasses or have some other obstruction.


  • Sound quality is worse than other types of headphones.
  • Easy to fall off your ears.

Ear Pad Headphones

These are like full size headphones, however do not completely surround your ear. They used to be more popular before the iPod, however do still have some worthy features that make them an option.


  • The most comfortable headphones out of all of them.
  • Won’t make your ears uncomfortable.
  • The construction of ear pad headphones makes them have good sound.
  • Especially good for exercising, as the sound quality is good but doesn’t completely blank out everything around you.


  • Won’t block outside noise, so don’t use them in loud areas.
  • Music is not completely private, others around you can hear your music.

Full Size Headphones

Full size headphones come with ear cups that completely surround your ear. They are larger than other types of headphones, and provide the best sound quality.


  • Best sound quality out of all the other types of headphones.
  • Comes with a lot of padding, making the headphones extra comfortable.
  • Isolates you from outside noise.


  • Full size headphones are very big, so they aren’t very portable.
  • May be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Uncomfortable for your ears; may make your ears hot.

How to Block Ads in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Go to the Mozilla Firefox Extensions Website

Type in a search engine “firefox extensions”. Or just go here.

Step 2: Install Adblock Plus

Type in the search bar at the top “adblock”. Click on the first option, which is Adblock Plus. Or just go here. Now click on the shiny green button that says “Add to Firefox”. (Make sure you are in the Firefox browser or it will just say “Download Now”. Now a windows will show up asking you to confirm the installation. Click “Install” again to confirm the installation. Now the Add-ons box will pop up, and proceed to download and install Adblock Plus. Once it is finished, it will prompt you to restart Firefox. Do so.

Step 3: Configure Adblock Plus

On the top bar, click on “Tools”. Then click Add-ons. Click the extensions tab, then find Adblock Plus in the list. Then click options. The Preferences windows will pop up. For now, leave “My Ad Blocking Rules” blank. This is for adding your own custom filters. On the top bar, click on “Filters” and then “Add Filter Subscription”. Your filter should already be added automatically, so just close this box and the Adblock Plus Preferences.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your ad-free web browsing!



Easily Install Loads of Good Free Software with Ninite

Want to easily install all your favorite software in one big swoop, without all those individual installers you have to download? Then check out Ninite, a free service that will install all of your favorite software with only a couple of clicks.

Ninite and all the applications it offers are totally free, and some are open source. Ninite will install the software with default settings, reject all other software add-ons the installer will try to add, and accept the software agreement terms automatically.

That’s right, Ninite is a completely automatic application installer. Here is how to use it to install your favorite programs.

How to Use Ninite

  • Go to the Ninite website here. Pick the applications you want to install.
  • After you have selected the software you want to install, click the “Get Installer” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Download the Ninite installer file, and run it.
  • Now Ninite will automatically install all of your selected applications. No clicking is necessary.
  • Once it is done, just close the Ninite installer. The selected applications should now be installed on your computer. Enjoy!