What to do if you Forgot your Windows PC Password

Forgot Your Windows PC Password? Well don’t just stand there. A free utility, Ophcrack, will be able to find your Windows PC password- assuming it is not an “uncrackable” password. Here is how you use Ophcrack. Step 1: Download Ophcrack First you need to go to this website-– and download the CD version based on …

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How to Rip DVDs

Do you have a lot of DVDs? Do you want to watch them on your computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV? A free program, Handbrake, can rip DVDs into digital files on your computer. Note: Please do not rip copyrighted DVDs, as that is illegal. Step 1: Install Handbrake and Load the DVD Download …

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How to Download Torrents

A torrent stores data to be used by the protocol BitTorrent. It is a way how you can download large files without using too much of the host’s system resources. Rather than the data being transferred from one machine to the next, the various pieces of the file are held on many different computers. The …

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