Lego Mars Mission CrystAlien Conflict Review

Last Modified 10/08/2021


LEGO Mars Mission CrystAlien Conflict (Flash Game, Free) is a free flash game originally released by Lego on their website. It was removed, but is still available to play at The game is centered around the conflict between the astronauts and the aliens. It has a full campaign mode for both sides of the conflict where you can follow the story of the astronauts or the aliens.

I really enjoyed playing Mars Mission CrystAlien Conflict. The game felt like Starcraft, which was very impressive considering that it was just a flash game. You can input cheat codes into the game to unlock various powerups, or even unlock secret levels to play. The modding community has taken the game further than what Lego originally intended for the game and has released a map maker where you can make your own maps.

I highly recommend everyone to try the game for themselves. You can’t go wrong as the game is free to play for all.

Paranautical Activity Review


Paranautical Activity (Steam, $9.99) is a FPS roguelike game that has you going from room to room shooting blocky robots. At the start of the game, you can choose what weapon you want to load in with. Over the course of the game, you can purchase powerups that give you various abilities. Its like if Doom, Binding of Isaac, and Minecraft were mashed up into one game.

Personally, I did not like Paranautical Activity. The dark rooms looked very generic, and it was hard to tell the difference between the rooms. The guns were clunky and hard to aim with. The music was very bland and seemed to be stuck in a perpetual loop, which was not timed at all to what was actually happening in the game. For example, it didn’t make sense to hear loud fight music when I was in the shop purchasing items. The blocky graphics were also very dull and lacked the charm that Minecraft’s graphics has.

Overall, if you are bored and have nothing else better to play, Paranautical Activity seems like a passable knockoff of the roguelike genre. But if you are really interested in playing roguelike games, I would definitely recommend playing something else, like Hades or Binding of Isaac.

Pokemon Go: Why is there a PokeStop with Confetti?

If you have played Pokemon Go, chances are you have seen a PokeStop with confetti swirling around. Ever wonder what that confetti means?

Pink confetti around a PokeStop means that there is a Lure Module currently active at the PokeStop. A Lure Module is an item that can be placed at a PokeStop to temporarily attract Pokemon to the stop for 30 minutes.

Anyone near the PokeStop, not just the person who placed it, will notice the increase in Pokemon near the stop. This means that placing a Lure Module at a PokeStop is great if you have a large group of friends with you because the entire group can benefit from the increase in Pokemon.


An extreme example of a large number of PokeStops with Lure Modules added.

The confetti surrounding a PokeStop signals to people that a Lure Module is active at that PokeStop.

Lure Modules can be purchased from the Pokemon Go in game shop for 100 coins, or $0.99. They can also be obtained as rewards for leveling up your Pokemon Go trainer. Once obtained they appear in your bag just like any other item.

To place a Lure Module at a PokeStop, first tap on the PokeStop that you want to add the Lure Module to. Note that you must be physically near the PokeStop to add the Lure Module to the PokeStop.


Note: You must be actually near the PokeStop to add a Lure Module. I am only using this Poke Stop as an example.

Tap on the white button that appears above the picture of the PokeStop and below the name of the PokeStop.


PokeStop with no Lure Module Attached.

This screen will then pop up. Tap on the Lure Module to add it to the stop. Once a Lure Module is added, the white button will have a purple Lure Module icon inside to signify that a Lure Module is active.


PokeStop with a Lure Module Attached.

Clicking on the white button now will show that a Lure Module is active and the username of the person that added the Lure Module to the PokeStop.


Can’t attach a Lure Module if one is already active.

Keep in mind that Lure Modules only stay active for 30 minutes. If a Lure Module expires you will have to obtain a new module and place it in the PokeStop again.

Well, that concludes my tutorial about how to activate a Lure Module for a PokeStop! I hope that now you know what that confetti surrounding a PokeStop means.

Happy Pokemon hunting!

Pokemon Go Tip: Buy a Pokemon Go Plus

There is an accessory called a Pokemon Go Plus that apparently lets you play Pokemon Go without having to take out your smartphone out every time you want to catch Pokemon or visit a Poke Stop.

The Pokemon Go Plus bracelet links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to play Pokemon Go without having to constantly look at your phone screen.

It will blink and vibrate when you are in range of a Poke Stop, and all you have to do to collect items from the Poke Stop is press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus.

If a Pokemon is nearby, the Pokemon Go Plus will begin flashing. Simply press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus to throw a Poke Ball. You will only be able to throw a Poke Ball using the Pokemon Go Plus if you have caught the Pokemon before.

Personally I think that the Pokemon Go Plus is the perfect accessory for Pokemon Go. It has the potential to reduce accidents by people not looking where they are walking while playing Pokemon Go. Not having to keep your smartphone constantly out will reduce the chance of a robbery. Also, the Pokemon Go Plus reduces the amount of effort needed to play Pokemon Go drastically as all you need to do to play is press a button.

Read more about the Pokemon Go Plus here: It can be purchased easily from stores like Amazon and Walmart.


Play Cut the Rope on The Computer

What is Cut the Rope?

Chances are if you are reading this, you already know what Cut the Rope is. Nonetheless, I will explain it to you. Cut the Rope is a very challenging and interactive game based on getting candy into a little green monster’s mouth. You cut ropes, use special abilities, and use your brilliant physic skills to feed that hungry little monster.

How to Play Cut the Rope on the Computer

Head to the web address to play. Simply wait for the game to load, and be off feeding the poor hungry green little monsters!

Pokemon Go Tip: Maximize Pokemon Caught by Riding the Bus

So there is this mobile game called Pokemon Go that has sweeped the world, or maybe just the United States. It involves walking around outside with your phone out, trying to catch virtual Pokemon that will just randomly appear on your screen.

Only a Pokemon Go player would say that 16% is a lot of battery.

There are these things called eggs, which are hatched when you walk a certain distance. In order to get these eggs, you must visit certain locations called Poke Stops, which provide you with Pokeballs to catch Pokemon, potions to heal your Pokemon, and various other trinkets (such as revives for your “fainted” Pokemon.

Did the developers of this game know how long it takes to walk 10 km? And of course only 9 egg slots.

Naturally I decided to find the best way to cheat the system.

I found that taking the bus is the most efficient way to hatch your eggs, catch Pokemon, and collect items from Poke Stops without sweating like Usain Bolt after a race.

You see, Pokemon Go detects when you are moving too fast (as is the case with a regular car) and will prevent you from adding steps to your eggs. Also, a car travels too quickly for you to have enough time to catch Pokemon or collect items from Poke Stops unless you have the quickest fingers in the world.

However, the bus travels slowly enough to fool Pokemon Go into thinking that you are just a very, very fast runner. And it stops enough times for you to hit those crucial Poke Stops.

I decided to take the bus to see just how effective taking the bus was while playing Pokemon Go. Here are the results:

Now, all I need to figure out is how to fix the battery draining issue.

Success! I now have so many items in my bag that I am running out of space. The nice thing about bus routes is that they tend to run on major streets, meaning there are plenty of Poke Stops to hit.

One word of caution: Be careful when catching Pokemon on the bus. Pokemon Go uses your phone’s camera to catch Pokemon, and I learned pretty quickly that strangers on the bus don’t want a camera being shoved in their faces. Luckily there is an option to disable the use of your camera when catching Pokemon. Simply toggle the AR option in the top right of your screen to disable your camera when catching Pokemon.

And there you have it, now you have a ton of items and Pokemon without getting tired at all! Well, at least until this happens:

And I was just about to catch that Pikachu…



Town of Salem: How to Win as Jester

Town of Salem is a browser based game of cheating, lies, and deception. The town wants to kill the mafia, and the mafia wants to kill the town. There are neutral roles, such as the serial killer, that each have their own special win conditions. These neutral roles complicate the game, as although each neutral role has their own specific win condition they are each aligned to either good or evil (in relation to the town).

The jester is one of those neutral roles. To win as a jester you must be successfully lynched by the other players in a game. After being lynched you have the option to haunt someone who lynched you, killing them as an act of revenge. Getting lynched is easier said than done, as this usually means that others suspect that you are guilty.

This is the case unless the mafia and serial killer make up a majority of the players left, which means that they are eager to lynch anyone. The mafia will lynch you in hopes that you are the serial killer, and the serial killer will lynch you in hopes that you are the mafia. I have found that the best strategy to win as Jester is to not do anything. Sounds odd?

It does because it goes against your first instinct as a player. As a jester you might be tempted to try and cast blame on yourself, but I have found that this strategy tends to backfire. Deliberately looking guilty will arose people’s suspicion, and some might outright accuse you of being a jester. People are well aware of the fact that the jester can instantly kill someone after his lynching, and many are not willing to lynch someone they even remotely suspect to be a jester. Therefore, do nothing.

Do not vote to lynch other players, talk in chat, or communicate with other players at all. Remember, do nothing for the entire game! I have won many times as a jester using this strategy, and the reason why it works is because of the way how a typical mafia or serial killer plays the game. With a few notable exceptions (the very good ranked players), the majority of evil roles tend to stay quiet to draw suspicion off of themselves. Since you are a jester you want to look evil–so stay quiet! It will look like you have something to hide. This strategy works exceptionally well if you are being questioned about your role, as staying quiet will make it seem as though you are guilty. Remember, your goal is to be lynched by the town so you want to look guilty.

An exception to the rule of staying quiet would be if you are jailed by the jailer and questioned during the night. Being killed by the jailer is an automatic loss, so don’t be afraid to lie about what your role is in this situation.

Hope this tip helped you to become a better jester! Happy haunting!