Customize The Command Prompt

Tired of the old, white text on a black background command prompt? Want to change it to something more lively? Here is how.

Option 1: Using The Command Prompt

Funny we should be using the command prompt to change the command prompt. Type “cmd” in the search or run box to launch the command prompt. Type the command “color /?” to get a list of all the colors and instructions. So, to get the color you want, enter color then the option for the background color followed by the font color. For example, if you want an old-fashioned green on black look enter “color 02”. You will not be able to set the font and the background to the same color, which would make the command prompt unreadable. If you want to get back the default settings, simply enter the command “color” to restore the plain-old black and white.

Option 2: With a Settings Window

Type “cmd” in the search or run box to launch the command prompt. Click on the Command Prompt icon in the top left corner of the window and select Properties. Select the Colors tab, and then choose the color you want for the screen text and background. If you want, you can also enter your own RGB color combination. Go to the Font tab to change your font. Choose any font you want, as long as it is one of the three options listed. Any customizations you make with the Properties window will be saved, but any customizations you make with the Color command detailed in Option 1 are only for that session.