Make Some Extra Money From Your Phone with Gigwalk

Earn some extra money with your phone by going out and about and completing simple jobs with your phone and Gigwalk. Tasks like verifying map information and taking photos (in major US metro areas) can net you from $3 to $90 per task.

Why Are They Looking For This Information?

Some companies like Motorola and TomTom need people on the street to help verify information and do some consumer research. With some extra time and a car, being a Gigwalker and doing simple tasks can earn you some extra cash or even become a regular part-time freelance job. (Although you would have to do a lot of jobs.)

Estimated Earnings

Doing simple odd jobs on the street will get you money from $3 to $90 per task. However, All Things Digital reports that one of the highest Gigwalk earners made more than $2000 ($400 a week on average) doing more than 270 tasks since March. To get to that income, you need to earn “streetcred”- points awarded for good work that may give you higher paying jobs.

What Do They Want Me To Do?

Jobs include verifying roads and signs, mapping a location, taking local business photos or gathering local pricing information, doing some secret shopping, and more. For big companies, this information is very costly for them to obtain but very easy for you to obtain.

Start Earning Money!

For Gigwalkers, all you need is an phone and a way how to get out of the house. Now please note that you have to factor in the cost of transportation, such as the cost of gasoline. You don’t want to drive all across the city just to collect 3 dollars for a task. Gigwalk won’t get you rich, but it is worth a try for those who want extra money and have extra time.